allow you to maximize the value

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allow you to maximize the value

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ARUSHA nike air max 1 just do it australia , Tanzania, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Tanzania's semi-autonomous Zanzibar archipelago is currently facing a serious shortage of qualified workers, the situation that forces tour operators to hire foreigners, to do the hospitality jobs, according to a new report released Sunday.

The report, which was commissioned by Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) , cited lack of adequate numbers of skilled people as one of the serious challenges thwarting tourism development in the Indian Ocean Islands.

Financed by Tanzania's business, advocacy, and dialogue facility, BEST Dialogue, the report noted that to devise and develop a skilled workforce in Zanzibar, there is a need to define national skills development pathway.

In long run nike air max just do it australia , the report suggested the need for skills development to be embedded in the education and training sector,.

It also called for the workplace skills training programme, more internships, apprenticeship training and calls for recognition of prior learned skills.

According to the report, over 60 percent of foreign workers in Zanzibar is in the tourism sector, largely due to insufficient supply of skills from the local labor market (in terms of quality and quantity) for the industry. This is an indication that there is a great need to develop a local workforce to be able to handle tourism business operations in the Isles.

"New skills are needed for Zanzibar to remain competitive and tackle the new tourist demands nike just do it shoes australia ," said Seif Miskry, ZATI chairman.

He described tourism sector, as a labour intensive, employs a multiplicity of skills - accountants, hairdressers, tour guides and trackers and so on nike just do it australia , thus it is one of the quickest ways to generate many jobs within a short period.

"This is why stakeholders in the public and private sector must come together and agree on the way forward in developing adequate and quality human resource for the tourism sector in Zanzibar," he noted.

ZATI commissioned "Skills Analysis for Zanzibar Tourism Industry" after noting most of the members of the association faced skills gaps, detrimental to their drive to grow the business.

"The hospitality industry has been experiencing a skills shortage... where it's hard to find and recruit quality employees with the right skill and can stay for the long term," said Miskry.

Zanzibar government and the private sector have been working together in a number of initiatives to make Zanzibar top destination of the Indian Ocean tourism, as outlined in the Zanzibar Tourism Development Policy.

According to Miskry, this can be realized and it will have a huge impact on the people and Zanzibar economy Men's Nike Air Max 95 Just Do It White Black Australia , thus it's only prudent to ensure the local youth are adequately skilled to take the industry to the next level.

"We believe that our tourist attractions are world-class but the economy is not fully benefiting from their potential because of some hurdles, which if addressed, will be a game changer," noted ZATI Chairman.

Miskry said it was paramount for Zanzibar to invest more in tourism education and training, while at the same time ensuring that public policies are made to stimulate travel and tourism job creation. To that effect, ZATI plans in the near future to hold a public private dialogue on seeking a lasting solution to the problem of lack of adequate skilled labour force for the industry.

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ADEN, Yemen, May 3 (Xinhua) -- Fierce battles continued between the Shiite Houthi group and tribal militia loyal to Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Sunday Men's Nike Air Max 90 Premium SE Chenille Australia , showing little sign of an imminent breakthrough in holding reconciliation talks after the fighting and airstrikes have left thousands of people dead and wounded.

A security source based in Aden said anonymously that battles between Houthi gunmen and pro-Hadi militia in the port city left at least 23 people dead and several others wounded on Sunday.

At least 13 Houthi gunmen and 10 tribal fighters were killed in fighting around the Aden international airport that is under control of the Houthis and in the Mu'alla neighborhood where locates the country's main port.

Sources of the pro-Hadi militia told Xinhua that "warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition forces launched more than 22 rounds of airstrikes against Houthi-controlled sites and military positions in Aden on Sunday."

Sudnay's airstrikes were among the fiercest and strongest since the beginning of fighting about a month ago, which caused explosions rocked Aden's airport, the sources said.

The is no immediate report of casualties in the air raids.

After a month of fighting, the combat zone slowly reached to most of the districts in Aden city, which is Hadi's last refuge before he fled to Saudi Arabia on March 26. Streets were almost empty and shops were closed, as tens of thousands of people fled to other provinces amid severe shortages of basic needs such as food Men's Nike Air Max 90 Premium Gym Red White Australia , water, medicine and fuel.

On the same day, fresh clashes between tribal fighters and the Houthi group left 12 Houthis dead in al-Zahir district of al-Bayda province.

Meanwhile, overnight Saudi-led airstrikes pounded Houthi gatherings in the central province of Marib, killing dozens, according to provincial security officials.

They said the Houthi group keep sending reinforcements to Marib and the southern province of Taiz Nike Air Max 90 Mesh Royal Tint White Australia , as well as Aden city.

In the capital of Sanaa, overnight Saudi-led airstrikes hit al-Dailamy military a. Cheap NBA Throwback Jerseys Cheap New MLB Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NCAA Baseball Jerseys Throwback MLB Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys China
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allow you to maximize the value



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