Favre appeared on Kelly's program

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Favre appeared on Kelly's program

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Paxton Lynch inched closer to full-blown bust status Monday when he was demoted to third string after Chad Kelly's solid debut in the Denver Broncos' exhibition opener.

"Chad's played well. He played well in the scrimmage. He played well Saturday night. So he deserves the chance to be the 2 right now Tremaine Edmunds Jersey ," coach Vance Joseph said.

Lynch was disappointed, Joseph said, "but he understands that it's a performance business."

"He has great potential, physical potential. But it's got to equal performance eventually," Joseph said. "He understands that. It's a performance league. And everything we do, it's graded and it's counted."

After a string of poor performances at training camp, Lynch was ineffective in seven series Saturday night against Minnesota, completing 6 of 11 passes for 24 yards and an interception to go with a sack.

Kelly, who missed his rookie season last year while recovering from wrist and knee injuries, completed 14 of 21 passes for 177 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in Denver's 42-28 loss to the Vikings.

Kelly celebrated his promotion by sticking around after practice Monday and throwing passes to tight end Jake Butt and receiver River Cracraft for more than 20 minutes.

Kelly thanked his teammates, saying they had just as much to do with his promotion.

"Those guys made the plays. They got me in the right protections and the guys with the ball in their hands made plays," Kelly said.

When Case Keenum signed this spring and Trevor Siemian was subsequently traded to the Vikings, Broncos general manager John Elway said the No. 2 QB job was up for grabs.

Lynch, however, worked exclusively with the second-string offense until Monday Authentic Lucas Duda Jersey , when they flip-flopped roles, leaving Lynch a sideline spectator during the two-minute drills, reflective of his new status as the team's third quarterback.

The switch at QB is as much a reward for Kelly's solid offseason as it is an indictment of Lynch, who hasn't made the strides Joseph and Elway expected of him in Year 3 鈥?especially without the pressure of having to vie for the starting job again.

"It's really more about what Chad's done, honestly 鈥?and Chad has played well, he's played with poise, he's played with confidence," Joseph said. "He moved the ball for us on Saturday night. And it's been that way since the spring. He had a great spring. He's had a great camp. So, it's his turn to be the 2. He's earned that right."

Lynch was beaten out by Siemian, a seventh-round draft pick, in each of the last two summers and now has fallen behind another seventh-rounder in Kelly, who was the final pick of the 2017 NFL draft.

Joseph noted that the competition isn't over, the depth chart remains fluid.

"And it rewards guys who are playing well," Joseph said. "It's only right. That's what we live by with our players: if you're playing well and you earn it, you push up and you get it. It's a fair league."

Kelly could stay ahead of Lynch on the depth chart and still not win the backup job, though B.J. Hill Jersey Elite , if the Broncos decide to go out and get an experienced free agent instead.

Asked if he'd have any reservations about going into the regular season with the inexperienced Kelly as his No. 2 QB, Joseph said, "Things change in this league all the time. But right now, he's our backup."

Joseph cautioned that "we've got to be patient with Chad."

"You want a guy who can go into a game and operate the offense and not beat his own football team, but also have the confidence to make some plays and lead our unit," Joseph said when pressed for what he needs to see from Kelly or Lynch to stick with one of them as Keenum's No. 2.

Kelly knows he'll have his doubters.

"You've just got to work hard. That's what it is," he said. "Even the best ones are still working hard. They don't know everything. And obviously me being in my second year, I don't know anything. So, I've got to work hard, I've got to watch more film than I ever have before. And when your time's called, you'd better be able to step up and go."

Brett Favre says he might have had "thousands" of concussions during his Hall of Fame career.

The three-time NFL MVP who played from 1992-2010 and was known for his aggressive approach to football said Thursday on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today" that he is experiencing short-term memory issues.

Favre, 48, has become an advocate for concussion research and said he had three or four known concussions during his lengthy career, which spanned 302 regular-season games and 24 in the postseason.

"But as we're learning about concussions," he told Kelly, "there's a term we use in football and maybe other sports Authentic DJ Moore Jersey , that I got 'dinged.' When you have ringing of the ears, seeing stars, that is a concussion.

"If that's a concussion, then I've had hundreds, probably thousands, throughout my career, which is frightening."

Favre added that he worries about developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as he ages.

"My football career has meant a great deal to me and has provided a lot of things, a lot of joy not only for me, but for my family," Favre said. "Now, my family doesn't have to face the physical problems that could potentially arise, or the mental problems that could, but they are directly associated with me in that regard. It's kind of a blessing and a curse.

"I grew up playing football. My dad was the coach, he was tough on me, he was a hard-nosed, just in-your-face-type of guy Authentic Adrian Gonzalez Jersey , and he didn't know what concussions were about. We knew basically what a concussion was, but the thought process in those days was you would never come out of a game or practice because you had a little head ding. You would be considered, for lack of a better term, a sissy.

"My point in this is 30 years ago, there wasn't a problem in anyone's mind from playing football. It was just a matter of being tough, and the ones who stuck it out and made the most of it. Now, what we know, is it has nothing to do with toughness and that's a lot scarier. So I look at my career as something wonderful. I didn't know; had I known in Year 5, I would have looked at my future a bit closer as my career unfolded."

Favre appeared on Kelly's program with three other retired star athletes: soccer's Abby Wambach, baseball's David Ross and Favre's fellow Pro Football Hall of Famer and former teammate Kurt Warner. All four have invested in a company developing a concussion-treatment drug that is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Favre said he would not encourage youngsters to play football.

"The brain and just the skull itself, for (8- to 15-year-olds), and maybe even older, is not developed enough and they should not be playing tackle football," Favre said. "We should protect them, especially when there is no treatment solution out there."


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Favre appeared on Kelly's program



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