Marshall has knelt in the past

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Marshall has knelt in the past

Postprzez linzhihong18 » 12 paź 2018, o 06:19

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Linebacker Brandon Marshall and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas weren't with their teammates on the sideline for the national anthem prior to the Denver Broncos' game against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night.

Marshall and Thomas emerged from the tunnel behind the Broncos' bench after the anthem was over.

In Arizona, Los Angeles Chargers starting left tackle Russell Okung raised his fist during the anthem prior to the team's game against the Cardinals.

The league and the NFL players' union have yet to announce a policy for this season regarding demonstrations during the anthem after the league initially ordered everyone to stand on the sideline when the anthem is played, or remain in the locker room.

Marshall has knelt in the past during the national anthem , following the lead of his college teammate, Colin Kaepernick, who started the protests in 2016 to bring attention to social injustices. They played together at Nevada.

Thomas hasn't been involved in the demonstrations but he wore the Malcom Jenkins "You ain't listening" T-shirt at a pre-camp barbecue last month.

Okung stood with his fist raised behind the rest of the Chargers players, who lined up on the sideline for the anthem.

This story has been corrected to note that Okung's first name is Russell, not Richard.

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Marshall has knelt in the past



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