participant of theBelt and Road Initiative

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participant of theBelt and Road Initiative

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UNITED NATIONS Adoree' Jackson Jersey , Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- China's Belt and RoadInitiative is a game changer for international cooperation, saidHungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto inan exclusive interview with Xinhua.

"The initiative is a new type of integration (and) a new form offraming international cooperation, which is not based on lecturingeach other, but on mutual respect towards the regulations Corey Davis Jersey , laws andrules of international cooperation," said Szijjarto on the sidelineof the ongoing annual UN General Assembly here in New York.

He said that Hungary is the "European pillar" of the initiativeas the country has been taking part in it very actively.

Szijjarto added that Hungary is not only a participant of theBelt and Road Initiative, but also a strong supporter ofChina-Europe cooperation.

He said 2017 is extremely important for Hungary regarding thecooperation with China as his country is going to host the summitbetween China and Central and Eastern Europe.

According to Szijjarto, Hungary has been successful in buildinga strong cooperation with China in recent years.

"We are the No. 1 country in Central Europe when it comes toexport to China and we are the No. 1 country in Central Europe whenit comes to investments from China Harold Landry Jersey ," he said, emphasizing thatHungary is committed to continuing the cooperation and "thisendeavor of ours fits very well with the initiative." Enditem

SUVA, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Samoa Airways will make herinternational debut to Auckland, New Zealand from FaleoloInternational Airport in the capital of Samoa on Nov. 14 Rashaan Evans Jersey , 2017.

Confirming this on Thursday, Lautafi Fio Purcell, ministerresponsible for Polynesian Airlines, said on the Samoan Observernews website that "as advertised Delanie Walker Jersey , Samoa Airways will have sixflights a week between Auckland and Faleolo and twice a weekbetween Faleolo and Sydney."

The 737-800 leased from Iceland Air is scheduled to arrive onNov.12 with the following day set aside for the christeningformalities before Samoa Airways makes her inaugural flight.

The initial lease agreement with Iceland Air was a wet leasethat included pilots and stewards for the aircraft, Purcell said,adding that the tentative plan is for a wet lease on the long runwhich will see Samoa Airways outfitting the airlines with their ownpilots and supporting staff.

The aircraft with a seating capacity for 172 including eightpassengers in the business class will also have its logo painted onit when she arrives.

Samoa hopes to lease or acquire a 777-Mac aircraft by 2019 toexpand Samoa Airways services to other destinations such asMelbourne and Brisbane in Australia.

In May, the Samoan government announced it was terminating theVirgin Samoa joint-venture between Virgin Australia and the countrythat was first established in 2005 Marcus Mariota Jersey , and the decision was reportedlydue to concerns over high fares.

A memorandum of understanding with Fiji Airways was signed inJuly to help establish Samoa Airways, with the current domesticcarrier Polynesian Airlines to be part of the new venture.

Fiji Airways would continue to focus on Fiji-Samoa flights whileSamoa Airways would focus on routes to New Zealand and Australia.Enditem

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participant of theBelt and Road Initiative



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