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BEIJING, May 5 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese sports industry will amount to over three trillion yuan (460 billion dollars) by the end of 2020, according to China's sports development five-year plan released on Thursday.

""China's overall sports industry turnout will be amounting to more than three trillion yuan, accounting for one percent in GDP with the added value of sports service taking up 30 percent in the overall sports industry,"" said the five-year plan issued by China's State General Administration of Sports.

The plan underlines China's supportive measures and requests for football's development in the country, including lottery operation on the Chinese domestic football leagues, saying: ""The total football pitches in the country will reach over 7,000, averaging at least half a pitch for each 10,000 people and 0.7 pitch for 10,000 in the favorable areas. The number needs to run up to 50 million in China engaging in regular football playing.""

""Speeding up the innovative and creative progress on sports lottery, studying and promoting the process of starting up football lottery on the Chinese domestic leagues,"" said the plan. ""Adopting to the trend, broading the lottery trade channel and steadily expanding market scale.""

The plan further endorses the ""Medium and Long-Term Plan of Chinese Football Development"", which was issued last month by China's National Development and Reform Commission, aiming at entering the football ""elite club"" and making the goal of ""top class soccer nation"" by 2050.

""By 2020, China will have 20,000 soccer academies. Chinese football teams, for both men and women, will present impressive results in World Cup, Asian Cup and Olympics,"" the plan added, echoing the ""Medium and Long-Term Plan"".

The plan also outlines goals on basketball and volleyball, embodying China's regard on ""three big balls"". ""The basketball teams need to both qualify for the Rio Olympics and book good finishes in the rankings, maintaining their pace-setting positions in Asia. For 2020 Tokyo Olympics, basketball teams should at least guarantee the qualifications and go up in Games placing as well,"" said the plan.

""For women's volleyball, we need to maintain our world leading position in both Rio and Tokyo and men's volleyball team will gradually narrow its gap with world powers and try to secure a berth in Tokyo.""

The plan draws out blueprint for nationwide fitness programs, setting goals of newly building 500 public fitness centers in counties and 15,000 fitness facilities in villages and towns. 10,000 more multi-functional playing grounds will be constructed in cities, averaging 1.8 square meters of sporting field for each by 2020.

" "On your marks!" The loudspeaker boomed throughout the pool and the arena. The contestants were poised Wholesale Colts Hats , tight, and ready to pounce.

"Get set!"

Bang! The start gun exploded over the swimmers' ears. Microseconds later the competitors hit the water, splashing their way toward the end of the pool.

A few tense moments later, the declared winner was Shane Gould. The crowd went wild with excitement. The crowd was on their feet; their voices chanting Shane's name in unison congratulating her for another world record.

Shane would repeat this activity with the same world record winning outcome: 11 times.
Between the ages of 14 and 16 Wholesale Colts Hoodies , Shane splashed her way into the record books as the only person, male or female, to hold every freestyle record from 100 m to 1500 m simultaneously. She is the first female swimmer ever to win three Olympic gold medals in world record time.
"I can't do this anymore. I am tired. I just want to live. I hate the spotlight, the media Wholesale Colts Shirts , and the pressure. I quit." So at age 16, she retired. Shane found solace in surfing, photography, horseback riding Wholesale Colts Jerseys , and nature.
For years, she lived simply . . . eventually marrying and having children. For years, she shunned the sports spotlight and the accompanying media. For years, she lived in the shadows. For years Cheap Colts Hats , she had had all of the public eye she could handle. But she was talented and gifted with a generous spirit and open heart. Others needed her expertise and knowledge. And hidden deep inside, she knew she needed to share her life's experiences and wisdom.
With help of close friends and much soul-searching, Shane re-emerged into the public eye determined to help other athletes avoid the conflicts and uncertainties she had experienced as a swimming superstar.

Now a successful businesswoman, author Cheap Colts Hoodies , keynote speaker and swimming commentator, Shane is researching swimming teaching and training methods. Shane and her husband, Milt started the Shane Gould Swimming Foundation. Its goal is . . . "to provide the life skills of swimming, water safety and water awareness Cheap Colts Shirts , to disadvantaged people and people who cannot swim. . ."

Officially designated by her home country of Australia, a "Living National Treasure,? Shane Gould is known by all for her generous heart, compassionate and visionary perspective. Her greatest ability: to inspire others to do their best.

In 2006 Cheap Colts Jerseys , Shane was inducted into the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.

Her life these days does not include sitting around watching things happen -- she is very much involved in making a difference in her world and the world of others . . . she is making a difference because she believes in people.

What about you? Are you living in the shadows? Or the spotlight? Are you merely a spectator in life, or are you out there making a splash in life and making things happen for yourself and for others?

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