Teach you to remove the floor stains

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Teach you to remove the floor stains

Postprzez Qizhenbi » 22 lut 2017, o 05:40

Now a lot of people are home on the neatly beautiful floor, and then the days can not help but stains the wood floor dirty, and some small stains we can have a rag quietly rub to get, but when we encounter To some difficult to wipe the stains and the use of what method to remove the stains, then today Xiaobian to tell you:

The first move: since the lotion

Cheap at home, and then used to clean the wood floor, this approach is very almost and environmentally friendly, not afraid to break the original texture of the wood floor.

The second measure: salad oil, milk and tea

Wipe the floor, add a few drops of salad oil in the water or tea, can make the floor is very bright.

The third measure: concentrated alkaline water

There are grease on the floor, such as grease, which can be washed with boiling argon alkaline solution and then covered with bleach and hot water on the stains and insisted on cleaning at one night and, if necessary, repeated The

The fourth trick: candle decontamination

We usually put the rest of the candle at home will be accumulated, when the collection of a certain number, the chopped to remove the candle, called the amount of participation in the same amount of turpentine in the wax, placed in a cold water pot Boil the water, make the candle melt, mix and pour into the tank after cooling back. In order to make the floor easy and effort, the use of the front floor wax can be slightly heated.
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Teach you to remove the floor stains



Re: Teach you to remove the floor stains

Postprzez julian28 » 16 mar 2017, o 10:52

co to jest za muzyka
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Re: Teach you to remove the floor stains

Postprzez tomek213 » 19 wrz 2017, o 06:24

dlaczego to jest po angielsku

testy do policji
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