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hip hopia with laser pen interesting

PostNapisane: 2 wrz 2017, o 08:38
przez laserqf
When they saw the little pull on the floor, a predatory instinct seems to put the cat out. It must be like their mistakes or something, but in any case, most of the cat likes to chase the laser pen blue lights around the room. You can even make them flip. Systems use the low energy laser beam and the reflecting surface to create through the outline of insects. Once the machine awarded mosquitoes or other insects, it will remind a more powerful green laser, animals will air a quarter of a second, disable or kill them. Of course, it is impossible to observe the changes of the state of the electron energy directly on the nanoscale time scale. Therefore, by measuring the material to reflect the change of light to achieve the scientific purpose, to achieve the purpose of indirect observation, the weak laser pulse and reflected light measurement after the occurrence of the power supply.
The camera will capture all the light, and create some amazing results. You will see the laser dance, as people talk and move. If you do the right, it should be able to produce some crazy pattern, because the vibration disappeared. Laser pointer or laser pen has been around for several years. It includes a small power and laser diode, emit coherent beam in a single direction. Distance to dissipate too far, which makes them useful in science and communications. The theme here is very simple: put the camera on the tripod or position, or other stable surface, set the exposure time of a long period of time, and crazy your laser pointer. This is a cool thing, a green laser handheld pointer, this is an interesting experiment, for the children to play.